Allan M. Migdall and His Various Research Activities


Most of the work done by Allan Migdall is in the topic of Quantum Optics. If you look at his employment history, then you will find that since 1984, he was employed at the National Institute of Science and Technology. During his tenure in this organization for more than ten years, he was busy in organizing all kinds of seminars & workshops related to various research works in his field. His main focus was in the area of non linear optics, correlated II-photon light, quantum & classical metrology, microstructure fibers, enlargement of multi-particle, Raman scattering, Parametric down conversion and others.

All throughout his career Allan M. Migdall was involving himself in number of research projects in topics related to Quantum Information Technology & Correlated Photon Radiometry. In short, all these activities are related to various devices and methods created in order to intensify the radiometric techniques & quantum information technology. It also involves various new engineering sources like photon state emission, and creating detectors for metrology application and quantum information etc.

Three latest papers that he has published were also supported by NIST. The first paper was related to Detectors and Single Photon Sources, which was a manuscript that reviewed the latest status of single photon detector technologies and single photon sources, which are working at the frequency of ultraviolet to infrared ranges. In this manuscript all the applications of these technologies have been elaborated. This subject is treated as source of development for detectors and single photon sources.

His other manuscript is related to introduction of the special issue on the subject of Single Photon technologies. This issue is based on many different publications, which was associated with many international conferences on the topic of single photon technology, reviewed by National Institute of Science and Technology, in November 2009.

Every year, this project is convened two times by the National Metrology Institute. The first meeting of this project took place in 2003 at Gaithersburg. The seminar was conducted on the various developments & progress made in single photon technologies.

Even today, Allan M. Migdall is associated with the National Institute of Science and Technology. Currently, he is involved with many kinds of research projects related to various new developments and new breakthrough in the topic related to Quantum Optics. This National Institute of Science and Technology is one of the pioneers in the scientific research field, where he has involved himself in various research projects.

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